A project that started nearly a year ago as an experiment to learn and test the internals of Titanium Mobile, after several rewrites and redesigns, has finally hit the App Store.

So what does the app do? In a nutshell, DARTpal is an app for riders of the DART rail in the DFW area. It provides a trip planning interface, a station locator, upcoming departures, a live twitter stream of @dartmedia, fare information, and links to the DART and TRE customer service lines / websites. You can see screenshots and more info on the iTunes app page, or follow @DARTpalApp on twitter.

The thing that makes me most excited about launching DARTpal is the fact the app was written with 100% Javascript, and I was able to use our incredible platform, Titanium to do all the heavy lifting. There are some really cool technical details in this app: a ~5MB SQLite DB so the schedules are accessible without connectivity, fully custom/native navigation and input elements using our extensive TableView support, a JSUnitTest fork based test suite, geolocation, integrated MapViews, and XHR for the twitter integration.. all made possible with Titanium!

Along with DARTpal, I’m re-purposing a domain I bought several years ago to launch a new personal brand that I can use for any/all apps that I release called HotTea Software. This will serve as a place for all my personal projects, and will also have a forum for users of DARTpal.

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